Quotations & Pricing

Yes, we can survey if required.

We understand that this isn’t a one size fits all business and every job is different, you may only need a steam clean so why pay an inflated price for a deep clean, your room maybe smaller so why pay the same as a larger room. You are in control at all times of the cost , we offer the suitable price and services for you to make an informed decision.

Our prices are very reasonable and extremely competitive for the service we offer, and we can give you a quotation over the phone.

Our Chosen Method of payments are Bank Transfer, Debit Card or PayM. Payment is on completion of the cleaning.

Yes, all we require is a printed like for like quote by a Ltd company and we will match or even better the price.

Stain Removal

Our technicians carry a full range of stain removers from the most highly regarded chemical brands in our industry. We can treat a large variety of stains including tea, coffee, red wine, food stains, blood, ink , oil, urine and many more. Our technicians have been trained in the various techniques for removing stains from a variety of different fabrics. Stain removal is a science when completed properly. The results can vary depending on age, fabric composition, whether your fabrics have stain protection and many other reasons. If we cannot remove your stain, it means it is permanent.

Yes, we can. Please contact us so we can discuss your requirements.

The Service

Yes, we can. Please contact us so we can discuss your requirements.

We use a variety of methods depending on the item to be cleaned. Our main method of cleaning is ‘hot water extraction (sometimes referred to as steam cleaning) and we use the most up to date machinery. This method is highly successful and will rinse, agitate and extract the soiling and staining at a very high power from your fabrics. Delicate fabrics and curtains can be dry cleaned in-situ whilst they are hanging.

YES. All our main cleaning products are eco-friendly and safe for children and pets without compromising quality.

This will vary depending on what you are having cleaned, Please contact us and we can discuss your requirements and give you an estimate of time.

Your carpets and rugs will be left slightly damp and can be walked on immediately. Upholstery drying times will vary due to soiling, staining levels, humidity, ventilation, and temperature. We can use our turbo dryers to help this process whilst we are cleaning your upholstery. Curtains and dry clean items can be used immediately.

You can vacuum once the carpet is dry, but this will not be necessary until you next regular vacuum.

This all depends on the usage and whether you have pets and children. The average is every 1 to 2 years.

Yes. We are leather cleaning specialists and can clean most types of leather upholstery. We can also offer retexturising and protection treatments for leather.

Yes, our cleaning system removes house mites and dust mites helping allergy and asthma sufferers.

We dry clean curtains in-situ whilst they are hanging saving you the hassle and the time of taking them to a dry cleaner. Our prices for this service are very competitive.

Yes we can treat areas contaminated with infections and viruses with our specialist products and equipment.

Yes, we are 'woolsafe approved' specialists.

Guarantee and Peace of Mind

We have over 50 years of combined experience.

Yes, we are. All staff are given full in-house training, only when we are satisfied will they be allowed to work on their own. We are Alltech , Ashby’s and chemspec approved.

Yes, we are. We have both public liability and professional indemnity.

We thoroughly pre-test your fabrics prior to cleaning to eliminate any risks.

NO, you don’t. We would ask that you move all your smaller items and breakables to make it easier for our technician to move any furniture which is possible to move. These items will then be placed on special blocks or pads to avoid rust marks and dye transfer whilst your carpets are drying. Larger, heavier items can be cleaned up to.

It would be helpful but not necessary.

Yes, they have an Elliots card with them.

Yes, we offer a free advice service. You can email us your photos and we will give you an honest opinion of the results you can expect from cleaning.

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